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Which is the best book for project management?

Which is the best book for project management?

It outlines an overview of Project Management, the Project Life Cycle, and covers all knowledge areas as identified in the PMBOK 5th edition. It does not integrate using a software like Microsoft Project. The book references Implementation instead of Executing even though it mentions Execution as an alternative.

Is there an instructor’s manual for project management?

∙ The Instructor’s Manual contains a listing of current YouTube videos that correspond to key concepts and Snapshots from Practice. encountered over their 60 combined years of teaching project management and consulting with practicing project managers in domestic and foreign environments.

How to prepare for a project management exam?

Members of the Project Management Institute will find the text is well structured to meet the needs of those wishing to prepare for PMP (Project Management Professional) or CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) certification exams.

What do project managers need to know about project management?

Practicing project managers will find the text to be a valuable guide and reference when dealing with typical problems that arise in the course of a project. Managers will also find the text useful in understanding the role of projects in the missions of their organizations.

The book is most useful to those who have some project management experience or some background industry experience. As a fresh graduate, this book is definitely not a definitive guide to project management but a short collection of best practises. This has many helpful tips and guide through the entire project management process.

What are the four phases of project management?

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW PRESS Boston, Massachusetts Contents Overview 1. The Four Phases of Project Management 3 What’s involved in planning, build-up, implementation, and closeout—and how these processes overlap 2. The Cast of Charactersfa31 Who’s who in project management Phase 1: PLANNING 3. A Written Charter / 41 Your marching orders 4.

What do you need to know about project management?

In my somewhat limited experience in the field of Project Management and somewhat larger experience in Management in general somewhere around ninety percent of management comes down more to an art than it does to a science and people skills and personalities play a huge part in that.

What happens when time frame for Project Management is cut?

If your time frame for developing a new database management system is suddenly cut in half, for instance, you will need to either employ twice the number of people or be satisfied with a system that isn’t as robust as originally planned. Don’t let bells and whistles get in the way of mission-critical activities.