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Which is better Fearow or Pidgeot?

Which is better Fearow or Pidgeot?

It’s got high attack, defense and speed. Pidgeot can take a few hits and can give out a few too but I would go with Fearow since he has a higher Attack, Defense and Speed.

Which is better pidgey or Spearow?

Spearow. Pidgey is very weak in all stats except speed, while Spearow has decent attack and special attack stats for a basic form. I’d say that rather Fearow or Pidgeot is better is a tougher call.

Is Dodrio good Pokemon?

Overall, Dodrio isn’t quite as good as the legendary bird Pokemon, Fearow or Pidgeot, but the combination of high HP and good Speed can work out rather well. Train your Doduo till it evoles into Dodrio (don’t catch a Dodrio in the wild.

Which is better Dodrio, dodtrio, or fearow?

In Gen 1, when the move didn’t exist, Dodrio still wins, learning Tri Attack, which means you don’t have to use any TMs on him. Their modern move pools are very similar, and all very limited in terms of type coverage, with normal, flying, and dark being the main attacking type options (Fearow and Pidgeot learn U-Turn, but that’s not great in-game).

Which is better a Dodrio or a Pidgeot?

Fearow’s attack and speed are both higher than Pidgeot’s, however his defensive stats (HP, Defense, and Sp. Defense) are much lower. These stats aren’t that important for Fearow; we’ll talk more about that shortly. Dodrio’s base stats total 460, with a heavy emphasis on attack and speed, and his defenses are lower still than Fearow’s.

Where to find a Dodrio in Pokemon I Choose You?

In Pokémon – I Choose You!, a Dodrio was crowing in Pallet Town. Notably, it was the first Pokémon to be physically seen in the anime, since all of the Pokémon that had appeared beforehand were either on TV, in dreams, or not real. A Dodrio appeared in Primeape Goes Bananas . In Pokémon Fashion Flash, a Dodrio was on Scissor Street .

Which is the Best First Gen Pokemon Dodrio or fearow?

TL;DR Dodrio has the best 1st gen movepool and the most extreme stats, with high attack and speed. Source: Dodrio, Fearow, and Pidgeot When I was playing Gen I and II i only used pokemon who had at least 3 evolutions.