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Where was the US concert in 1982?

Where was the US concert in 1982?

San Bernardino
Thirty-five years ago, on September 3, 1982, the US Festival took its shot at the pantheon, ambitiously plotting an updated version of utopian bliss. Set in the San Bernardino town of Devore over Labor Day weekend , the mammoth three-day gathering was billed as Woodstock reincarnate.

How much was Van Halen paid for the US Festival?

Van Halen get a record $1.5 million to play Day 2 (“Heavy Metal Day”) of Apple founder Steve Wozniak’s US Festival, the second and final year of the event. It’s the most any act has ever been paid for a single performance.

When is Robyn going to be on tour?

Find information on all of Robyn’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2021-2022. Robyn is not due to play near your location currently – but they are scheduled to play 2 concerts across 2 countries in 2021-2022. View all concerts.

When did Robyn come back to the US?

The same year the singer collaborated with the Swedish musician Christian Falk, as well as becoming UNICEF ambassador, and left to travel the world for two years. Her return brought a change of label, from RCA to Jive Records, and a new album “Don’t Stop The Music” released in 2002, which remained an exclusive Swedish release.

When did Robyn’s self-titled album Come Out?

Robyn’s self-titled album released in the same year saw the Swedish singer earn multiple Swedish Grammy Awards for, Best Album, Best Female Pop Artist, and Best Songwriter. The ballad “With Every Heartbeat” reconfirmed Robyn’s place within UK chart reaching No. 1.

What kind of music does Robyn listen to?

Robyn’s music is insanely catchy and blends electro with pop to great success, creating something unique that sets her apart from many pop princesses today. She also doesn’t prance around in her underwear, but has her own unique sense of style and is a real individual.