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Where is the Thieves Guild in Oblivion?

Where is the Thieves Guild in Oblivion?

You’ll know that in order to join the Guild you are to be in the Garden of Daleroth in Imperial City Waterfront exactly at midnight. When you’re there (there’s a map marker for you), you’ll meet Armand Christophe, together with two other guild-wannabes.

How do I start the Thieves Guild in Oblivion?

Finding the Thieves Guild Begin by reading one of the wanted posters that are littered everywhere around the Imperial City. Next, find a beggar and raise their disposition until they really like you. Talk to them about Gray Fox and they’ll tell ask you if you want to join the Thieves Guild.

What is the fastest way to restore the Thieves Guild?

In order to restore the Thieves Guild to its former glory and assume the title of Guild Master, you must perform small jobs in four holds of Skyrim: Haafingar, the Reach, Whiterun, and Eastmarch. To get an improvement job, talk to Delvin Mallory or Vex; you can have one quest active from each.

How do I join thieves?

Joining[edit] To join the Thieves Guild, travel to Riften and come into contact with Brynjolf, who can be found at the market stalls during the day, or the Bee and Barb tavern during the night. Brynjolf will approach you and question your wealth before inviting you to help him with a little plot.

Where can I sell the Thieves Guild in Oblivion?

With very rare exceptions, fences are the only NPC merchants who will buy stolen property. Stolen property in Oblivion is identified by a red hand over the icon in an inventory. Selling through fences is necessary for any character who plans on selling any stolen items at all.

What pays the most in Skyrim?

Enchanting is by far one of the most lucrative businesses one can undertake in Skyrim. If they’re focusing on their Enchanting skill, then learning valuable enchantments like Banish, Paralyze, Absorb Health, and Turn Undead then applying them to unenchanted items makes good money.

What race is vex?


Vex (RefID: 00028938)
Home City Riften
Location The Ragged Flagon
Race Imperial Female
Level PC×1 (range=10-50) Thief

Should I join the Thieves Guild?

If you have a stealth build, you should seek out the Thieves Guild as soon as possible to claim these rewards, which make the rest of the game much easier. By joining this faction you’ll earn the “Taking Care of Business” Achievement/Trophy.

Can you sell stolen items oblivion?

Selling through fences is necessary for any character who plans on selling any stolen items at all. In Oblivion, the only two non-Thieves Guild fences are Manheim Maulhand, an innkeeper, and M’raaj-Dar, a Dark Brotherhood merchant. For each stolen item sold, the player has “fenced” gold into the guild coffers.

Who are the Thieves Guild fences?

Tonilia, the fence for the Guild, is one of the earliest vendors to regularly sell Daedric weaponry. Access to four new merchants at the Ragged Flagon, including a blacksmith and an alchemist, after completing certain sidequests for the Guild.

Is it worth joining the Thieves Guild in Skyrim?

The Thieves Guild is Skyrim’s best faction so far when it comes to effort, immersion and content. You may have to do despicable things, like framing poor Brand-Shei, but it’s worth being a lowlife when the questline rewards you with Nightingale Armor and Chillrend, the amazing leveled glass sword.

What is the most valuable enchantment Skyrim?

The most valuable enchantment that can be applied to jewelry, foot slot items and hands slot items is Fortify Sneak, the most valuable enchantment that can be applied to head slot items is Fortify Archery and the most valuable enchantment that can be applied to chest slot items is Fortify Destruction.

Where is the thieves guild located in Skyrim?

The Thieves Guild is the headquarters of the Thieves Guild located with the sewers beneath Riften, known as The Ratway.

Can you kill the thieves guild in Riften?

Kill the Thieves Guild plaguing Riften and engage in alternative ways to gain the quest exclusive loot. If you modify my mods at all and you intend to upload your own version, please notify me as I would like to see your work. As long I receive credit and notification of your use of my files, and you follow the above permissions, it is ok.

Who are the thieves guild members in Oblivion?

For a full list of members, see Category:Oblivion: Thieves Guild Members . Beggars are not full Thieves Guild members, but they are under the protection of the Gray Fox and often offer information for quests for a little gold. If famous enough, they will give you the information for free. Gray Fox, Man or Myth? Myth or Menace?

Who are the thieves in the Elder Scrolls?

The Thieves Guild is an organization of Pickpockets, Burglars, Robbers, and Thieves. Founded by the Gray Fox over 300 years before the Oblivion Crisis, the Guild is essentially a network of communication between the Thieves of Cyrodiil, tips on loot and jobs from important people are passed along through the Doyen to…