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Where can I watch Frankenstein National Theatre live?

Where can I watch Frankenstein National Theatre live?

You can stream Frankenstein on the National Theatre’s YouTube channel at 2 p.m. ET starting on Thursday, April 30.

How do I watch National Theatre live?

Watch at home or on-the-go, on any internet browser or through the National Theatre at Home app, available on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV. Early access to new titles and exclusive behind-the-scenes content.

Where was the play Frankenstein performed?

the National Theatre
This production of Frankenstein was first performed at the National Theatre in 2011. The production was directed by Danny Boyle and Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternated the roles of Victor Frankenstein and The Creature.

Who wrote National Theatre Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley
National Theatre Live: Frankenstein/Story by

Where was Frankenstein filmed at the National Theatre?

It’s stylish, ambitious and looks astonishing. Filmed live in 2011 from the stage of the National Theatre in London, this thrilling, sold-out production became an international sensation, experienced by more than 800,000 people in cinemas around the world.

When is the creature at the National Theatre?

At a time when many theatre fans around the world aren’t able to visit National Theatre Live venues or local theatres, we’re excited to bring you National Theatre at Home. Benedict Cumberbatch performing as the creature from 30 April at 7pm, to 7 May at 7pm.

Who are the actors in the Frankenstein play?

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller each took on two roles for the monster hit production of Frankenstein. But what was it like, alternating characters each performance? Danny Boyle (director), Nick Dear (playwright) and the actors reveal all.

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