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Where can I find HK-51 parts?

Where can I find HK-51 parts?

HK droid parts scattered around the universe.

  • HK primary transistor – Tatooine – Outlaw’s Den.
  • HK chassis – Taris – Endar Spire crash site.
  • HK AI regulator – Coruscant – Jedi Temple ruins.
  • HK motivator – Dromund Kaas- Dark Temple Grounds.
  • HK Power Core – Hoth – Glacial Fissure – Ambria’s Fury.

How do you get HK-51 companion?

Once you have obtained HK-51 on any character in your Legacy, you will unlock the ability to purchase a HK-51 series droid as a companion on your other characters, either by paying Credits or Cartel Coins. You can find this option in the Character Perks section of your Legacy panel (press Y to open).

How do I start the HK-51 quest?

To get HK-51, you need to travel to Section X on Belsavis. There should be a droid nearby, when you get there, that will give you a [Heroic 2+] mission, and that starts the very long HK-51 quest chain, which includes a couple of solo (or tactical, or Hard Mode) flashpoints.

Is there only one HK-51 part distribution map?

Now, I started the HK-51 quest a week ago, and I am now stuck on Taris, the last part I need is there. And it is really, really, pissing me off. Now, when I started this, I ran into this little pic now, tell me, after how many years that this quest has been out, that there is only ONE map like this!

How many hk-51s can you get on legacy?

One level 50, and one level 15 (or higher) on the opposite faction. There is one HK-51’s component on each capital world, Coruscant and Drommund Kaas. These parts are bind on Legacy, so you can mail it to your level 50.

Where can I find HK 51 in Star Wars?

He is also available through the Legacy System . HK-51 was built by the Czerka Corporation during the Great Galactic War. At some time, a large shipment of HK droids was presumably purchased by the Empire, and loaded onto the cruiser Fatality. This ship was eventually shot down over the Republic Prison Planet of Belsavis.

Are there any confirmed spawn coordinates for the HK-51?

So I’ve been scanning the Endar Spire crash site for awhile using swtor-spy’s guide to attempt to locate the HK-51 Chassis. And I’ve tried the four coordinates suggested there.