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Where are Z purlins used?

Where are Z purlins used?

Steeline Z Section Purlins are mainly used for commercial applications but are just as cost effective to be used for smaller type garages and carports. The Z sections can also form part of the columns and rafters in these smaller applications.

What are Girts and purlins?

Purlins are specific to the roof. In the shape of a “Z”, a purlin is a horizontal structural member that supports roof covering and carries loads to the primary frame. Also, in the shape of a “Z”, a girt is a horizontal structural member that is attached to sidewall or end wall columns and supports paneling.

What is a lapped purlin?

Abstract: Lapped joints of cold-formed steel (CFS) Z-shaped purlins are extensively used in metal building roof systems. However, the lapped connections with vertical slotted holes are extensively used in current construction practice to simplify the erection of continuous Z-shaped roof purlins.

What are Z purlins?

Z purlins or zed purlins are horizontal beams that are designed to form the roof and wall joists of a building shell structure (also view our C section purlins page). They sit between the roofing sheets and the building, acting as a support for the sheet to ensure it is firmly attached and safely in place.

How big is a C300 purlin in metres?

C300 Purlin 1 C300 Purlin x 1.90 Bmt = 7.97 kg’s/metre 2 C300 Purlin x 2.40 Bmt = 10.04 kg’s/metre 3 C300 Purlin x 3.00 Bmt = 12.51 kg’s/metre 4 Standard Pack: 20 Lengths

How many purlins are in a C and Z purlin?

C & Z Purlins Purlin Section W (mm) F (mm) L (mm) Purlin Section C Section Z Section C10010 102 51 12.5 Z10010 C10012 102 51 13.0 Z10012 C10015 102 51 14.0 Z10015

What does purlin stand for in steel construction?

Steel construction. In steel construction, the term purlin typically refers to roof framing members that span parallel to the building eave, and support the roof decking or sheeting.

Which is the best coating for C purlins?

Zinc coating of Z350 (350g/m2) minimum coating mass) is the standard coating class provided. Other coatings, grades and materials may be available, subject to inquiry. Also called lipless C Purlins they allow for use with our standard range of C section purlins slotting into them.