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What type of wood is SupaWood?

What type of wood is SupaWood?

SupaWood, also known as MDF is a type of hardboard, or medium density fibre board, manufactured by compressing wood fibres together.

What is the difference between MDF and SupaWood?

Also known as MDF (medium density fibreboard), SupaWood is the ideal material for surfaces, cabinets, built-ins and multiple home and store space applications. SupaWood (MDF) is a mix of wood chips, wood fibre and resin that is compressed with heat and pressure to create a dense and uniform piece of MDF.

Is SupaWood good for furniture?

MDF, also known locally as SupaWood, is an inexpensive alternative to wood or veneered boards for making furniture and decor accessories. I use it for plenty of projects on Home-Dzine because it is easy to work with and it can be painted or veneered with minimum effort and fuss.

Can SupaWood be used outside?

SupaWood is an interior grade panel and therefore not suitable for exterior applications or use in areas of high humidity and moisture content. SupaWood is sanded to a 150 grit smooth finish, providing a great surface for upgrading, spray painting and PVC wrapping.

Where can I buy supawood decorative timber panels?

With Supawood’s range of products, you can be bold with your creativity while fulfilling your projects’ requirements. Now you can work with one company to develop a range of lining concepts for your next project. Originally created in Australia, this market leading range is now also available in Asia-Pacific and the UK.

How are wood chips used to make supawood?

Wood chips are ground into fibre and blended with resin, before being bonded together, through heat and pressure, into a premium quality panel product. SupaWood ® is engineered to be dense, stiff and super flat.

Why is supawood the best wood for moulding?

It offers excellent structural strength and superior screw-holding capability. And having no grain structure means great machinability in any direction. SupaWood ® is ideal for creating almost any shape through moulding, routing, turning and edge profiling.

Which is the best supplier of timber panels?

Supawood offers one of the most extensive and diverse ranges of low maintenance, prefinished architectural wall and ceiling lining systems available. We offer a wide selection of timber panels as well as a line of aluminium beams and slats.