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What tool do you use to toss a salad?

What tool do you use to toss a salad?

Rather than just moving your salad around with a fork, a proper set of kitchen tongs will, again, allow for optimal tossing, ensuring that your salad is expertly coated and evenly seasoned. These are a favorite among the Epicurious staff. You can also use your hands or simply use salad servers.

Why is tossing a salad?

1996 may have been the year our view of salads became tainted (sorry), but the expression had been kicking around the US prison community for a while before then, and “toss a salad” meaning “to lick or suck anus” has an entry in Bruce Rodgers’s 1972 edition of The Queens’ Vernacular: A Gay Lexicon.

What’s in a tossed salad?

Definition of tossed salad. : a salad made of greens often with added vegetables (such as sliced tomato and cucumber) tossed in an oil dressing Most menus are commonsensical, if uninspired: a typical dinner consists of broiled flounder, baked potato, tossed salad, water and coffee, while a typical midday snack is half a cantaloupe.— Dulcy Brainard.

What to put on a salad?

Vegetables. A variety of greens make a good base for your salads and supply nutrients such as B vitamins. In place of the commonly used iceberg lettuce, try red or green romaine, spinach, arugula, mixed field greens or watercress. Chop additional vegetables and put them on your salad to boost the nutrient content even further.

What are some salad ideas?

1. Spicy Carrot Salad: Microwave grated carrots and minced garlic in 1/4 cup water until crisp-tender. Drain; toss with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, red pepper flakes and parsley. 2. Asian Apple Slaw: Mix rice vinegar and lime juice with salt, sugar and fish sauce.

What are the ingredients in salad?

Salad Ingredients’ List. Romaine lettuce . Crushed garlic, often in olive oil. Salt and black pepper, for taste. Lemon or lime juice, freshly squeezed. Olive oil. Worcestershire sauce.