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What soup did Rimmer hate?

What soup did Rimmer hate?

Gazpacho soup
6. Gazpacho soup! At least some of Rimmer’s self-loathing was explained when he recounted the tale of the time he was invited to the captain’s table.

How tall is Red Dwarf?

78 ft.
Vehicle Height: 78 ft.

When did Red Dwarf get stolen?

During Series II, the crew encounter a mechanoid called Kryten, who joins them from Series III onwards. In Series VI the Red Dwarf ship has been stolen from the crew, forcing them to travel in the smaller Starbug craft for two series.

How big is the Red Dwarf space ship?

6 miles (10 km) long, 5 miles (8 km) tall, and 4 miles (6 km) wide with over 2000 levels 120 cubic miles (480 cubic km) The JMC mining ship Red Dwarf is a massive, city-sized spaceship, the central setting of the franchise and namesake of the show. Her crew make up the main characters of the show.

Who is the captain of the Red Dwarf?

The JMC Red Dwarf is an enormous mining craft, measuring six miles in length and is one of the oldest and largest vessels in commission for the Jupiter Mining Corporation, crewed by the Space Corps and commanded by Captain Frank Hollister.

What kind of shuttle is used in red dwarf?

Of the two main types of shuttle used in the television series, Blue Midget was introduced in Series II, and Starbug in Series III. Many crucial scenes are played out in them. Having lost Red Dwarf, the Boys from the Dwarf spend Series VI and Series VII aboard Starbug.

What kind of propulsion does Red Dwarf have?

Propulsion The exact type of propulsion of spaceships in Red Dwarf has yet to be revealed. Propulsion is probably atomic in nature, due to radiation being a major concern for ship maintenance (” The End “). Most ships travel at speeds that are slightly lower than the speed of light, however faster-than-light travel is possible, though not common.