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What should I do after McKinsey?

What should I do after McKinsey?

Template workplan

  • Communicate that you’ve decided to take search (with McKinsey PD department and internal supporters)
  • Take a vacation, decompress.
  • Start updating resume and LinkedIn.
  • Begin reaching out to recent McKinsey Alumni.
  • Locate an ‘office space’ to work out of.

What can you do after being a consultant?

Moving On: 5 Smart Consulting Exit Options

  • Get Educated. Consider it if: You’re looking to move up in your consulting firm—or transition to a completely new career or industry.
  • Join the Corporate World.
  • Start a Business.
  • Go Independent.
  • Give Back.

What other jobs can management consultants do?

Based on over 20,000 applications made on the movemeon platform, these are the top industries ex-consultants move to.

  • BIG CORPORATES. Big corporates are always looking for alumni.

Why do people quit McKinsey?

There were 3 main reasons why I left McKinsey – my entrepreneurial bug, a lack of interaction with customers/end users, and the service-oriented nature of the business.

What can you do with experience at McKinsey?

Experienced professionals join our organization in virtually every role, as client-facing technologists, consultants, knowledge or research professionals, or in important internal roles. Explore current opportunities here or take our careers quiz to discover a career path that fits your interests and experience.

What is the role of a McKinsey strategy consultant?

McKinsey Consulting roles are more focused on establishing the business strategy for clients, and less focused on executing it. As a strategy consultant, you’ll be involved in gathering information, analysing key data points, developing hypotheses, and delivering final recommendations to client leaders.

How long does it take to become a consultant at McKinsey?

Our consultants attend at least five weeks of formal programming in their first two years, starting with EMBARK, our basic consulting training, plus advanced sessions on team management and client leadership. Consultants hired with five or more years of work experience attend McKinsey’s experienced hire workshop within their first year.

How many people work at McKinsey and Company?

Join the network of over 30,000 firm members, including 4,500+ technologists, 18,000+ client-facing consultants, 2,000+ knowledge and research professionals, and 800+ implementation experts to work hand-in-hand solving business challenges and creating positive change around the world.