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What position does Toni Kroos?

What position does Toni Kroos?

Toni Kroos/Position
Toni Kroos (born 4 January 1990) is a German professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid. Kroos plays mainly as a central midfielder, but has also been deployed as a deep-lying playmaker in his career.

Is Toni Kroos the best midfielder?

It was an interesting career decision; he was arguably the best no. 10 in world football but at the Bernabeu, he drifted into a deeper midfield role. Toni Kroos has been imperious for Los Blancos – arguably the unsung hero of that midfield.

Why is Toni Kroos best?

Kroos completes nearly 94 percent of his passes with eight assists and 2.5 key passes per game. There are 47 players with a pass completion percentage of 91 in Europe’s top five. Ilkay Gundogan is the only one averaging 1.5 key passes per game. Nobody on that list has five assists.

Is Toni Kroos an attacking midfielder?

A display of what positions Toni Kroos has played in over the last 50 matches including his average matchrating on the specific position….Played Positions (Last 50 Matches)

Defensive Midfielder (Left) 2 6.6
Attacking Midfielder (Centre) 1 7.5
Forward (Centre) 1 8.1

How old was Toni Kroos when he played for Germany?

He made his senior debut for Germany in 2010, at age 20, and appeared in five major tournaments. Kroos helped Germany win the 2014 FIFA World Cup, where he was top assist provider and voted to the All-Star Team, Dream Team, and German Player of the Year.

How old is Toni Kroos of Real Madrid?

Toni Kroos plays the position Midfield, is 29 years old and 182cm tall, weights 78kg. In the current club Real Madrid played 7 seasons, during this time he played 260 matches and scored 16 goals. How many goals has Toni Kroos scored this season? In the current season Toni Kroos scored 6 goals.

How many goals has Toni Kroos scored in his career?

In the current season Toni Kroos scored 7 goals. 3 goals in national team ( Friendlies, European Championship ). In the club he scored 4 goals ( La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey, Audi Cup 1, Champions Cup). Toni Kroos this seasons has also noted 7 assists, played 4021 minutes, with 35 times he played game in first line.

Why was Toni Kroos not in the Champions League final?

After sustaining an injury in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Juventus, Kroos was unavailable for the remainder of the season, missing Bayern’s successes in the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final, the 2013 DFB-Pokal Final and the last seven matches of the Bundesliga season.