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What ports does SCOM use?

What ports does SCOM use?

Port assignments

Operations Manager Feature A Port Number and Direction
Windows agent push installation, pending repair, pending update 5723/TCP, 135/TCP, 137/UDP, 138/UDP, 139/TCP, 445/TCP *RPC/DCOM High ports (2008 OS and later) Ports 49152-65535 TCP
UNIX/Linux agent discovery and monitoring of agent TCP 1270 <—

What are the port requirements for a SCOM agent?

SCOM Agent requirements and firewall ports…

Name Port Number Protocol
RPC/DCOM High ports (Win 2K/2K3 OS) 1024-5000 TCP/UDP
RPC/DCOM High ports (Win 2K8) 49152-65535 TCP/UDP
NetBIOS name service 137 TCP/UDP
NetBIOS session service 139 TCP/UDP

On which port does SCOM agent communicates with the management server?

“Ongoing Management: Ongoing management of an agent requires that the TCP 135 (RPC), RPC range, and TCP 445 (SMB) ports remain open and that the SMB service remains enabled….Question.

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How to open firewall ports on MSSQL for SCOM?

Once you have static ports, you’ll need to enable access to 1433 TCP and 1434 UDP. I had to configure the static ports for IP1, IP2, IPAll, Erase the 0 at Dynamic Ports and set TCP Ports to 1433, however, Im using a named instance.

How to configure a firewall for SQL Server?

If SQL Server is installed with a named instance, by default it is configured with a dynamic port. To identify the port, do the following: In SQL Server Configuration Manager, in the console pane, expand SQL Server Network Configuration, expand Protocols for , and then double-click TCP/IP.

What does operations manager do on a firewall?

The following table shows Operations Manager feature interaction across a firewall, including information about the ports used for communication between the features, which direction to open the inbound port, and whether the port number can be changed.

Where does the Operations Console Connect to the firewall?

The Operations console uses Port 80 to connect to the SQL Reporting Services web site. Additionally, the following URL must be allowed by your firewall – https://www.microsoft.com/mpdownload/ManagementPackCatalogWebService.asmx.