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What plugs are used in Australia and New Zealand?

What plugs are used in Australia and New Zealand?

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Australia New Zealand
Voltage: 230V. 230V.
Plugs Type: I. I.
Hertz: 50Hz. 50Hz.

Do I need a power adapter for New Zealand from Australia?

You can use your electric appliances in New Zealand, because the standard voltage (230 V) is the same as in Australia. So you don’t need a voltage converter in New Zealand, when living in Australia.

Are Aus and NZ power plugs the same?

NZ & Australian plugs are interchangeable, so you shouldn’t have any problems plugging into NZ sockets without an adaptor.

Do Australian plugs work in NZ?

Travelling to nearby countries is easy, as places like Australia and Fiji use the same plug type (I) as New Zealand. This plug can come with two or three pins and carries 220-240 volts.

What kind of power adapter do I need in New Zealand?

New Zealand uses the triple prong Type I power outlet, much like in neighboring Australia and parts of Asia such as China. These usually have three slits, one vertical plus two on a 45-degree angle. The outlets also have on/off switches so you can more safely plug your cables in without any sparks!

What is the electricity plug in New Zealand?

Electricity in New Zealand. In New Zealand the power plugs and sockets are of type I. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz .

What is a New Zealand plug?

A New Zealand plug adapter allows you to plug an appliance that is built for the type of outlet you use at home into the outlets common in New Zealand. There’s only one exception: when you’re visiting from Australia or New Guinea, you won’t need a plug adapter. These countries use the same style plug as New Zealand.

What is universal power adapter?

The Universal Power Adapter for Mobile Devices (UPAMD), codename IEEE 1823-2015 (before approval P1823), is an IEEE standard for power supply design intended to cater to the power range of 10–130 W (optionally 240 W) for mobile devices like laptop computers.