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What percent of drunk driving accidents are caused by teenagers?

What percent of drunk driving accidents are caused by teenagers?

What’s more, teenage drunk drivers are responsible for 17 percent of fatal alcohol-related crashes. This is even though only 10 percent of licensed drivers are under 21.

Are teens more likely to drive drunk?

Teen drivers are less likely than adults to drink and drive, but their crash risk is substantially higher when they do, even with low or moderate blood-alcohol (BAC) levels.

Why teens should not drink and drive?

Alcohol isn’t just illegal for teenagers to consume—it can be deadly if they drink and drive. In fact, drunk driving is one of the most frequent causes of death among teens. Alcohol impairs most of the skills that young drivers need the most, such as their reaction time, their vision, and their judgment.

What are the statistics on teenage drinking and driving?

Teenagers drinking and driving is an unfortunate reality. There’s no reason pretending it doesn’t exist. Here are some depressing stats, but states you should know: 70% of all teenagers admit to drinking alcohol. Every 15 minutes a teenager will die due to drunk driving. 60% of all teen deaths from car accidents involve alcohol.

How many teens die due to drunk driving?

Teenage drunk driving kills approximately eight teens every day. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), automobile accidents are the leading cause of wrongful death for teenagers 15- to 20-years-old. At all levels of blood alcohol concentration (BAC),…

How to avoid becoming a drunk driving statistic?

Set an example.

  • Make it clear to your child that they’re not allowed to drink.
  • Let your child know you’re serious.
  • Know who your teen’s friends are.
  • Educate your teen about handling peer pressure.
  • Install an Ignition Interlock Device in the car if needed.
  • Which age have the most drunk driving accidents?

    The 21- to 24-year-old age group has the most drunk driving accidents in the United States, according to recent research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Young adults often think they are invincible and take risks that older adults do not take.