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What miracles did St Drogo perform?

What miracles did St Drogo perform?

The Miracles of Saint Drogo A fire broke out in the church to which Drogo’s cell was attached. Knowing there was no way to extinguish the flames, the townspeople called to Drogo to come out of his dwelling and save himself.

Why is St Drogo the patron of coffee?

He became a shepherd, where it is said he could be seen in multiple places at one time, often seen both tending his sheep and at mass (this miraculous ability to multitask would lead to him being adopted as the patron saint of coffee in the 19th century).

How did st.drogo become a saint?

St. Drogo was born in 1105 to Flemish nobility and lived primarily in France. Orphaned as a teenager, he later went through extreme penances to atone for the personal guilt he felt towards the death of his mother, who died in childbirth. He became a pilgrim, travelling to Rome on more than one occasion.

Where was st.drogo of Sebourg located?

After a time, Drogo’s wanderings brought him to the small village of Sebourg, some 35 miles from Epinoy. Now just on the French side of the modern Franco-Belgian frontier, Sebourg was in those days part of the County of Hainaut, an independent territory bordering on France.

Why is Drogo the patron saint of coffee?

Living in France during the 12th century, it may seem strange that Drogo is the patron saint of baristas and coffee houses, considering that coffee wasn’t introduced to Europe until the 16th century. Drogo’s connection to baristas (and others who need to multitask) has to do with his ability to bi-locate.

What was the reason for the death of Drogo?

Drogo was a child of Flemish nobility. His mother died when he was born. He learned the reason for her death, and it made an emotional impact on him. He held himself responsible. Later in his life, he went to extreme penances, perhaps to relieve his guilt. Drogo was orphaned when he was a teenager.