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What lure is best for trolling?

What lure is best for trolling?

Each of these has very good results overall, but skirted trolling lures are the most commonly used.

  • Nomad Design DTX Minnow.
  • Rapala X-Rap Magnum Fishing Lures.
  • Luhr-Jensen Ford Fender Lake Trolls.
  • Hot Spot Apex Salmon Killer.
  • Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk.
  • Bay State Tackle Striped Bass Trolling Tube.
  • Rapala Shad Rap 07.

What depth should I troll for wahoo?

5 to 15 feet
Depth and Speed For wahoo, a lure trolled anywhere from 5 to 15 feet down is far more productive than one trolled at the surface. Subsurface lures and baits trolled rapidly yield more strikes. Although high-speed trolling (upward of 20 knots) is popular for wahoo, many are caught near the 10-knot range.

What is the best bait for wahoo?

They can be caught on live bait such as speedos, pilchards, blue runners, cigar minnows, ballyhoos, mullet and more. They can also be caught on vertical jigs, and if you find structure floating there is a good chance by dropping a vertical jig down 100 feet or so, the wahoo you are looking for is down there.

Which is the best bait for high speed Trolling?

The Yo Zuri Bonita was one of the first high speed trolling lures. It can be trolled from 6 to 17 mph. A single strand wire or multi-strand cable should be used as a leader. This lure can be pulled with or without an inline trolling weight.

What’s the best Wahoo lure for high speed?

Magbay El Plomeritos are 12 inches long and weigh 7.5-ounces. They are high speed wahoo trolling lures with a red or purple skirt. These lures are a good value. They only have a 7.5 ounce head so if trolling at high speeds over 12 mph a inline trolling weight is a good idea.

What’s the name of the best fishing lure?

The Ilander is another one of those lures that you’re apt to find on board in even the most remote fishing holes on earth. Developed by Jim Kress in 1976, the lure was initially named the Hawaiian Eye and was designed to troll at high speeds on the way out to the fishing grounds.

What was the first high speed trolling lure?

The Ilander accounted for several innovations that can be found on many lures today: It was the first true high-speed trolling lure, the first to have permanent nylon skirts and the first to use realistic eyes. Versatility (along with tremendous productivity) probably accounts for most of the Ilander’s success.