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What lens mount is the Mamiya 645?

What lens mount is the Mamiya 645?

Sony Alpha A-Mount Digital SLR Cameras – Popular models include:

Lens Mount: Mamiya 645 (M645) Mount Lens
Body Mount: Sony Alpha A-Mount (and Minolta AF) Mount SLR Camera
Manufacturer: Fotodiox Inc.
Warranty: 24 Months

Is Mamiya 645 fully mechanical?

There are no fully mechanical 6×4. 5 SLRs. The first 6×4. 5 SLRs were the Mamiya M645 (1975) and Bronica ETR (1976), which already have electronic shutters.

Is Mamiya still in business?

transferred the camera and optical business to Mamiya Digital Imaging Co., Ltd. The original company, doing business as Mamiya-OP, continues to exist and makes a variety of industrial and electronics products.

What is the difference between Mamiya 645 Super and Pro?

645 Pro. The 645 Pro was introduced in April 1992. The most important difference in the features of the Pro and Super is that the Pro does not have a mechanically-timed shutter speed, so the camera cannot be used at all with an exhausted battery.

What kind of lenses are in Mamiya 645?

Mamiya 645 series lenses are available in two types: designs for focal plane shutter systems, and a selection of N/L series leaf shutter lenses providing full flash synch capability to 1/500 sec. Special application lenses for PC shift, flat field macro, versatile zooms, and a set of high speed APO lenses are part of the system.

When did the Mamiya M645 camera come out?

The M645 was manufactured from 1975 to 1987. This was the first model to offer a 6×4.5 cm frame, allowing 15 shots on a standard 120 roll film. The M645 was a true system camera, with interchangeable viewfinders and lenses.

What’s the difference between Mamiya M645 1000s and 645 pro?

Its features are the same as the M645 1000s, but it added removable film backs, whereby a dark-slide could be inserted and the back removed mid-roll. The standard lens was the 80mm f/2.8 N, or the 80mm f/1.9 C (early) or the 80mm f/1.9 N (late). The Mamiya 645 Pro was manufactured from 1993 to 1998. It added a self-timer and a smoother styling.

When did the Mamiya 645 pro-TL come out?

The Mamiya 645 Pro-TL was manufactured from 1997 to 2006 and is functionally similar to the 645 Pro but adds through-the-lens flash metering. The standard lens was the 80mm f/2.8 N or the 80mm f/1.9 N. The Mamiya 645E was first released in 2000.