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What language does Gennady korotkevich use?

What language does Gennady korotkevich use?

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What does Gennady korotkevich do for a living?

Software Developer
Computer scientist
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Who is No 1 programmer in the world?

1. Dennis Ritchie: Dennis Ritchie “Father of the C programming language” who also created UNIX operating system along with his long-time colleague Ken Thompson. He was an American Computer Scientist.

Who is the world best coder?

Top 10 Programmers in the World of All Time

  1. Dennis Ritchie. Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie was an American computer scientist who “helped shape the digital era”.
  2. Bjarne Stroustrup.
  3. James Gosling.
  4. Linus Torvalds.
  5. Anders Hejlsberg.
  6. Tim Berners-Lee.
  7. Brian Kernighan.
  8. Ken Thompson.

Who are the parents of Gennady Korotkevich?

Korotkevich was born in Gomel (Homiel), southeastern Belarus. His parents, Vladimir and Lyudmila Korotkevich, are programmers in the mathematics department at Francysk Skaryna Homiel State University. At age 6, he became interested in his parents’ work.

How did Gennady Korotkevich get into Technical University?

No news from Gena. Then suddenly Lyudmila comes by and brings me a programming notebook: when summer and football were over, her son sat at the computer. As a second-grader at a national competition, he took second place, which gained him an automatic entry into a technical university without taking any entrance exams.

When did Gennady Korotkevich win the Google Code Jam?

In the summer of 2013, he helped ITMO defeat Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Tokyo to win the 37th International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals, held in St. Petersburg. He also won the annual Google Code Jam from 2014 to 2020. In a 2014 interview, Korotkevich said he was unsure of his career plans after graduation.

How old is Gennady karatkievic from Belarus?

Gennady Korotkevich ( Belarusian: Генадзь Караткевіч, Hienadź Karatkievič, Russian: Геннадий Короткевич; born 25 September 1994) is a Belarusian sport programmer who has won major international competitions since age 11, as well as numerous national competitions.