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What kind of batteries does a jazzy scooter use?

What kind of batteries does a jazzy scooter use?

The Pride Jazzy Select 6 wheelchair requires 2 batteries – SP12-35 NB (12 V 35 AH).

How much are batteries for Jazzy?

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This item 12V 35AH Jazzy Select GT Power Chair Scooter Battery – 2 Pack Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH INT Battery Replaces Pride Mobility Jazzy 1113-2 Pack Brand Product
Price $13388 $124.99$124.99
Sold By First Web Sales Mighty Max Battery

How many batteries does a Jazzy power chair?

Jazzy Select 6 Specifications

Standard Electronics 40A, PG GC3 4
Battery Size (2 required) 12 volt, U-1
Standard Battery Charger 3.5A, off-board
Per-Charge Range 3,8 Up to 15 miles

What kind of battery do I need for my jazzy wheelchair?

Your Pride Jazzy Select wheelchair requires 2 replacement 12V 35AH batteries with an NB terminal. The price includes all 2 batteries. If you want to purchase only one replacement battery, please go to Wheelchair Batteries by V and AH and select the battery you need. The Pride Jazzy Select replacement batteries have high…

What kind of battery is in jazzy select GT?

D5722 UB12350 12V 35AH – Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance. Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position.

Is the Pride Mobility jazzy elite battery compatible?

. Battery is compatible with these Brands: Pride Mobility. IMPORTANT: You MUST RE-USE: your existing cabling and hardware. These are replacement batteries only. NOTE: It is your responsibility to verify the batteries being ordered match the batteries in your unit prior to placing your order.

How long does it take to charge Jazzy Sport batteries?

Great replacement batteries for Jazzy Sport Wheelchairs. The batteries arrived and the positive terminal hole was bent shut, I had to pry it open and redrill the hole, other than that the batteries were left on charger for 48 hours to fully charge and they work, even better than the original batteries. Pages with related products.