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What is zigzag plant?

What is zigzag plant?

The zigzag plant ( Euphorbia tithymaloides ‘Variegatus’) is a succulent spurge whose distinctive shape makes it a fun houseplant. The medium green stems grow in a zigzag pattern, with leaves at the outer points of each zigzag. This plant rarely flowers indoors.

How do Zig Zag plants grow?

Zigzag plants will grow well without fertilizer, but a boost of nutrients during the summer months will help encourage the plant to produce its showy red flower bracts, which appear in late spring and early summer. Avoid high-nitrogen fertilizer because the plant will produce all foliage and no flowers.

How do you care for a zig zag plant?

The zig zag plant is drought-tolerant but does best in moist soil with regular watering throughout the summer and hardly at all during the winter. In the spring and fall, water moderately. From spring to the middle of summer, add a liquid fertilizer when watering every three to four weeks.

Is Pedilanthus indoor plant?

The scientific name for this plant, Pedilanthus tithymaloides, means foot-shaped flower. It makes a superb houseplant with its 2 foot (61 cm.) tall stems, alternate leaves, and colorful “flowers” which are actually bracts or modified leaves. The leaves are lance-shaped and thick on wiry stems.

What kind of plant grows in a zig zag direction?

A fun plant for growing indoors or out during warm weather. The thick succulent stems grow in a zig-zag direction, back and forth between each leaf. The green and white variegated leaves take on a rosy blush in bright, sunny conditions.

What is the scientific name for a zigzag plant?

Pedilanthus tithymloides and Euphorbia tithymaloides are two zigzag plant scientific name variations that are often used interchangeably.

What is the zigzag model of plant microbes?

The zigzag model defined in Jones and Dangl (2006) is based only upon interactions between the host immune system and biotrophic microbes that impair plant growth and reproduction.

How is the best way to care for a zigzag plant?

Zigzag plant is moderately easy to care for if basic cultural conditions are met. Water zigzag plant regularly during the growing season, allowing the soil to become just barely moist, never flooded or soggy. Reduce watering slightly as the season transitions from fall to winter, but do not allow the soil to become bone dry.