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What is the use of BI Publisher?

What is the use of BI Publisher?

BI Publisher is a product within the Oracle BI Foundation and enables creation of highly formatted reports and documents. BI Publisher is not just a tool but a complete reporting solution. It makes reporting simpler, easier and faster than what most conventional reporting tools have to offer.

What are the types of users available through BI Publisher?

BI Publisher offers the following security options:

  • BI Publisher Security. Use BI Publisher’s Users and Roles paradigm to control access to reports and data sources.
  • LDAP.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite.
  • Oracle BI Server.
  • Oracle Database.
  • Oracle’s Hyperion Common Shared Services.

Which are the components of a BI Publisher report?

Command Rows, Data Rows, and Data Column Header Rows.

  • Data Column Header Rows.
  • Data Rows.
  • How to create a new role in BI Publisher?

    To create a new role in BI Publisher: Navigate to the BI Publisher Administration page. Under Security Center, click Roles and Permissions. Click Create Role. Enter a name for the role and optionally, enter a description. Click Apply. Click Assign Roles to assign roles to the user.

    How does BI Publisher work with Oracle EBS?

    Once you have integrated your BI Publisher Enterprise Server with your EBS by selecting ‘Oracle E-Business Suite’ as the security model and upload the EBS application dbc file, then BI Publisher will take care of all the security related stuff from there based on the user’s selection of the responsibility! How It Works?

    Who is the BI Publisher Data Model developer?

    BI Publisher Data Model Developer Role is inherited by the Application Developer role, which is inherited by the Application Implementation Consultant role. Therefore, users with either of these predefined job roles can manage BI Publisher data models.

    What kind of authentication does BI Publisher use?

    For this option, see Configuring BI Publisher to Use an LDAP Provider for Authentication and Authorization. Set up users and roles in a supported Oracle security model. For this option, see Integrating with Other Oracle Security Models.