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What is the Triple Nickel motorcycle ride?

What is the Triple Nickel motorcycle ride?

The Triple Nickel If you’re looking for a longer cruise, try the Triple Nickel (OH 555) for an hour of challenging twists and turns. Starting in Zanesville, riders can tackle 36 miles of sharp curves and blind turns that are full of gorgeous views.

How long is the 555 in Ohio?

100.4 km
Ohio 555/Length

State Route 555 (SR 555) is a 62.36-mile-long (100.36 km), north–south running state highway that passes through four counties in southeastern Ohio. State Route 555’s southern terminus is at the concurrency of US 50, SR 7 and SR 32 (James A.

Which is the best motorcycle route in Ohio?

Check out all of our Motorcycle Rides for more ideas. Motorcyclists travel the country in search of riding great roads, Ohio riders are lucky to have the Windy 9 in their “backyard”. In my opinion, the Windy 9 is the best collection of motorcycle routes in the state.

How to get to Oh 555 in Ohio?

Zanesville is not a big city though, so within 15 minutes I had stumbled my way to OH 555. After clearing Zanesville, I came over the top of a crest and a traffic light appeared followed by a short straight, a big sweeper, and a sign for OH 555 – the ride was on.

Where is Route 555 in Chesterhill, Oh?

Just get yourself to Brush Creek and head south on route 555 for about 30 miles till you get to the end point of Chesterhill, OH. Beautiful isolated farms with rolling hills. You’ll be driving next to and through some of the Wayne National Forest.

Is the Triple Nickle Route 555 in good condition?

Hear Triple Nickel Diner in Chesterhill is another place to check out, one these times I’ll have to stop and check it out. Update from Ohio’s Road Ranger (July 30th, 2020): As of June 2020 this portion of 555 is in fair or better condition, with conditions improving the closer you get to OH 7. Was this road review helpful?