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What is the subjunctive for faire?

What is the subjunctive for faire?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Subjunctive
je fais fasse
tu fais fasses
il fait fasse
nous faisons fassions

What is the present subjunctive of ser?

Present Subjunctive – Ser

yo sea (I be)
seas (you be)
Ud./él/ ella sea (you be)
nosotros (as) seamos (we be)
vosotros (as) seáis (you guys be)

What is the present tense of faire?

Faire Conjugation in the Present Tense

Singular Plural
Je fais I make/do Nous faisons
Tu fais You make/do Vous faites
Il fait He makes/does Ils font
Elle fait She makes/does Elles font

Is faire irregular in subjunctive?

In general, the subjunctive is based on the third person plural of the present tense or (for the nous and vous forms) identical to the imperfect tense….Irregular forms.

Verb Subjunctive forms
faire je fasse tu fasses il fasse nous fassions vous fassiez ils fassent
aller j’aille tu ailles il aille nous allions vous alliez ils aillent

How to use Faire in le subjonctif present?

The verb FAIRE is irregular in Le Subjonctif Présent: Note that its root fass- is followed by the regular endings of Le Subjonctif Présent: -e, -es, -e, -ions, -iez, -ent. Look at these examples: Il faut que je fasse mes devoirs.

How to conjugate Faire in the present tense?

Conjugate faire in Le Présent (present tense) Posted by Aurélie Drouard In: Level A1, Verbs Tenses & Conjugation, Présent indicatif, Verbe irrégulier Questions on this lesson: 39 Add to Notebook The verb faire (to make/do) is irregular (it doesn’t conjugate the same way as most verbs ending in -re). It conjugates like this in Présent indicatif:

When to use the present subjunctive in French?

The present subjunctive, or s ubjonctif présent is used to talk about uncertain events. There are many different uses of the subjunctive mood. Ma mère souhaite que je fasse mes devoirs rapidement. My mother hopes that I do my homework quickly.

How to conjugate a verb in the present subjunctive?

To conjugate a verb in the present subjunctive, you must first remember what the present indicative yo form of the verb in question is. This is because the stem of present subjunctive verbs comes from the yo form of the present indicative.