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What is the price of pressure treated wood?

What is the price of pressure treated wood?

Initial Cost The average cost of basic pressure treated pine runs about $15-$25 per square foot. Fancier woods will cost a bit more, usually between $25-$30 per square foot.

Has the price of pressure treated lumber gone up?

As of the beginning of March, the price of lumber was up 188% since the onset of the pandemic! OSB plywood prices rose 78% last year, with overall plywood prices up 61% Spruce went up 50% Pressure-treated lumber was up 250% at one point last year!

Why is treated lumber prices going up?

In the USA there is a widely-reported shortage of pressure-treated pine and softwood framing lumber used ostensibly in new home construction and deck construction. Contractors throughout the USA are having trouble sourcing the material, and when they can, prices have soared in response to the shortage.

How much does a 2x12x12 pressure treated board weigh?

Pressure Treated Lumber Boards

Weight (lb)
Nominal Dimension (in x in) Length (ft)
2 x 8 4.4 70
2 x 10 5.5 88
2 x 12 6.6 106

What is the best pressure treated lumber?

The best pressure treated wood for decks tends to be pine, oak, or fir. These materials are chemically infused with weather, rot, and insect resistant coatings that enhance its resilience and extend the life span of your deck.

What is ground contact treated lumber?

As the names suggest, Ground Contact lumber is treated to a standard to withstand rot and decay even at the point where the lumber physically touches the ground, or water, or leaves. Above Ground lumber is treated to a lower standard of resistance, for those parts of a deck or project further removed from the harsh elements.

What is ground contact Wood?

Ground contact means that the product is approved for use in applications that require direct contact with the ground. This includes any applications where it will need to be used in the ground such as posts for fences or decks. Robbins Wood Preserving.