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What is the most unaffordable city in the world?

What is the most unaffordable city in the world?

Hong Kong
1. Hong Kong, China – 20.7. For the 11th year in a row, Hong Kong tops the list as the least affordable city in terms of housing prices. A median house would cost some over 20 times the median income.

Is Auckland unaffordable?

Regions with house prices more than three times the median regional income are considered unaffordable, so Auckland’s median multiple makes it severely unaffordable. The least affordable city in the report is Hong Kong, with a median multiple of 20.7, then Vancouver at 13, followed by Sydney at 11.8.

What city has the highest housing prices in the world?

The Most Desirable Property Markets in the World

  • Hong Kong, Asia – $4,392.81 per sq ft.
  • New York, USA – $2,465.57 per sq ft.
  • Tokyo, Japan – $2,265.05 per sq ft.
  • Geneva, Switzerland – $2,123.16 per sq ft.
  • Shanghai, China – $1,934.44 per sq ft.
  • London, UK – $1,891.75 per sq ft.
  • Sydney, Australia – $1,767.95 per sq ft.

Is Toronto unaffordable?

According to a new report from Oxford Economics, Toronto has a worse affordable housing index than cities like Los Angeles and New York. Vancouver, however, edged out the top spot as the most unaffordable city in North America. A number of Canadian cities, however, also made it onto the most affordable housing list.

What cities have the most affordable housing?

Homes are truly affordable in only about half of major cities. Atlanta, Detroit and Minneapolis-St. Paul are the most affordable cities, according to Interest.com’s first Home Affordability Study.

What are the most affordable cities in America?

Its 10 most affordable cities of Pittsburgh, Detroit, Atlanta, Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Dallas, Minneapolis, Houston, and Charlotte, N.C., are among the most affordable cities in America. Conversely, Hong Kong and San Francisco are very expensive.

What are the least expensive cities in the world?

Damascus was the world’s least expensive city (133rd), followed by Caracas, Almaty , Lagos , Bangalore and Karachi .

What is the most expensive city to live in?

The Most Expensive Cities To Live In The World (2020 Edition) 2020’s most expensive cities to live in the world: Singapore. Singapore has been near the top of the list for many years, a testament to how expensive this city is. Osaka & Tokyo. Hong Kong. New York. Paris. Tel Aviv. Geneva & Zurich. Los Angeles.