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What is the latest firmware for 3DS?

What is the latest firmware for 3DS?

Nintendo 3DS system software

Developer Nintendo (IRD, SPD, SDD)
Working state Current
Source model Closed source
Initial release 1.0.0-0 / February 26, 2011
Latest release 11.15.0-47 / July 26, 2021

How do I update my 3DS to the latest version?

Complete these steps

  1. Turn on your system and access the System Settings by tapping the Wrench icon.
  2. Tap Other Settings.
  3. Tap the right arrow to reach page 4 (if using a Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, or New Nintendo 2DS XL) or page 5 (if using a New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL).
  4. Tap System Update.

When was the last Minecraft 3DS update?

19 on January 15, 2019, it can still be purchased digitally through the Nintendo eShop or physically at a retailer. New Nintendo 3DS Edition’s most recent feature update is the Discovery Update….New Nintendo 3DS Edition.

Author(s) Mojang Studios Other Ocean Interactive
Latest version 1.9.19

What games are exclusive to the New 3DS?

The following games are exclusive to the New 3DS systems. Xenoblade Chronicles. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Fire Emblem Warriors. Wind-up Knight 2. Runbow Pocket. Futuridum EP Deluxe. BlockForm.

Which is better Nintendo 2DS or 3DS?

The 2DS is almost 3DS but without the hinges which is actually good when it comes to durability because it makes the 2DS less vulnerable to accidental falls. On the other hand, for more experienced gamers who can spare a little extra cash for a better gaming experience on the top of the glass-less 3D effects,…

What is 3DS firmware?

The Nintendo 3DS system software is a set of updatable firmware versions and software frontend on the Nintendo 3DS family of video game consoles. Updates, which are downloaded via the system’s Internet connection, allow Nintendo to add and remove features and software.