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What is the function of RNA helicase?

What is the function of RNA helicase?

RNA helicases constitute a large family of proteins with functions in all aspects of RNA metabolism. RNA helicases can have a variety of biochemical effects, such as unwinding or annealing RNA molecules, clamping protein complexes on RNA or remodelling ribonucleoprotein complexes.

Is helicase a regulatory RNA?

RNA helicases are critical regulators at the nexus of multiple pathways of RNA metabolism, and in the complex cellular environment, tight spatial and temporal regulation of their activity is essential.

Is RNA helicase A protein?

One of the largest protein classes in RNA metabolism, RNA helicases are found in all kingdoms of life 2. In eukaryotes these enzymes participate in nearly all aspects of RNA metabolism 1. RNA helicases have received significant attention, ever since their identification in the 1980s.

Do humans have RNA helicase?

Helicases are motor proteins that catalyze the unwinding of duplex nucleic acids in an ATP-dependent manner. They are involved in almost all the nucleic acid transactions. The human genome encodes for 95 non-redundant helicase proteins, of which 64 are RNA helicases and 31 are DNA helicases.

What is the ratio of DHX9 to RNA helicase a?

DHX9/RNA Helicase A (RHA) is recruited at a one-to-one stoichiometric ratio to HIV-1 genomic RNA (Sharma and Boris-Lawrie, 2012) and can unwind DNA and RNA in a 3′ to 5′ direction through hydrolysis of dNTPs ( Bray et al., 1994; Beerens and Berkhout, 2002; Jouvenet et al., 2009 ).

What is the role of DHX 9 in DNA replication?

DHX 9, also known as RNA helicase A or Nuclear DNA Helicase II, is a DNA/RNA helicase from the DEAH-box helicase family involved in regulation of transcription [135–137] and translation [138,139], DNA replication [140], embryonic stem cell differentiation [141], as well as genome repair and maintenance [142–144].

What kind of enzyme is RNA helicase a?

RNA Helicase A. ATP-dependent RNA helicase A ( RHA; also known as DHX9, LKP, and NDHI) is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the DHX9 gene.

Which is RNA helicase encodes a DEAD box protein?

This gene encodes a DEAD box protein with RNA helicase activity. It may participate in melting of DNA:RNA hybrids, such as those that occur during transcription, and may play a role in X-linked gene expression. It contains 2 copies of a double-stranded RNA-binding domain, a DEXH core domain and an RGG box.