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What is the creepage distance of insulator?

What is the creepage distance of insulator?

The distance measure of along the surface of the solid insulating material is called creepage distance. The creepage distance is depending upon the weather condition. Minimum creepage distance are 16-25 mm/kV….What is Creepage and Clearance Distance of Insulator?

S No. Degree of Pollution Recommended Creepage Distance for Insulators
4 Heavily polluted areas 25 mm/kV +

What is creepage distance in PCB?

Creepage – Creepage is the shortest distance to another conductor along the surface of the insulating material of your PCB. This is because at higher voltages conductors can arc to one another or to other components if they’re too close together.

How do you calculate creepage distance?

How to Determine Creepage Distance for Connectors

  1. Creepage Distance/Air Gap: The Path of Least Resistance.
  2. Check the Pins on the Connector Face.
  3. Check the Backside of the Connector:
  4. Check Female Contacts as well:
  5. Check For Hidden Creepage Paths Inside the Connector.
  6. Check for Hidden Creepage Paths Outside the Connector.

What is the creepage and clearance distance?

Clearance: In the “line of sight” distance or the shortest air path between two conductors. The shortest distance that can achieve insulated through the air. Creepage: The shortest distance between two conductors along the insulating surface.

How is creepage measured on a high voltage PCB?

Similar to clearance, creepage measures distance between conductors on for high voltage PCB. However, instead of measuring distance in air, it measures the shortest distance along the surface of the insulation material. Board material and environment also affect creepage requirements.

How is clearance and creepage distance of insulation determined?

The creepage and clearance will have different considerations due to different factors such as product use conditions or environment. As described in IEC 62368-1, the creepage and clearance will be determined according to the following conditions:

What is the safe distance on a PCB?

PCB PCB safe distance Safe distance, including clearance (spatial distance), creepage distance (creepage distance) and distance through insulation Clearances : two adjacent conductor or a conductor with the shortest distance along the surface of the motor housing adjacent air measurements.

Where can I find creepage distance for PCBs?

Acknowledgement The author thanks the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for permission to reproduce Section 2.9 “Insulation”, Section 2.10 “Clearances, creepage distance and distances through insulation”, and Section 5.2 “Electric Strength” from its International Standard IEC 60950.