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What is the cheapest roof for a conservatory?

What is the cheapest roof for a conservatory?

There are lots of different options when it comes to replacing your conservatory roof, which can all impact the price. A glass roof, for example, will be cheaper than a tiled roof because the job is less labour-intensive, while a solid construction may require pricier structural work.

What is the average price of a small conservatory?

What is the cost of a conservatory in the UK? Prices start at around £5000 for a small conservatory, but can reach up to £75,000 for a large luxury conservatory. This guide breaks down all the costs of a new conservatory that you should expect.

How much does it cost to fit a conservatory roof?

The average conservatory roof replacement cost The costs of conservatory roof replacement vary, ranging on average between £2,250 – £7000. It’s sensible to earmark at least £4,625 for the project. While there is an upfront investment required, it’s much more cost-effective than replacing the entire conservatory.

What’s the average cost of a conservatory roof?

The average cost for a polycarbonate conservatory roof is £4,625, but size and type of conservatory will factor into the cost. Glass is the most popular choice of conservatory roof material, but polycarbonate is the most cost-effective.

Who are the best low cost Conservatory conversions?

Low Cost Conversions are a local Scottish family, friendly and reliable company with over 55 years’ combined experience within the home improvement industry. With our years’ of experience within the conservatory industry you can be sure your project and installation is delivered to the highest of standards.

How much does a L shaped conservatory cost?

To help you understand the costs, take a look at the price for different materials and sizes. An L-shaped conservatory offers a mixture of styles including both Edwardian and lean-to conservatories. This is perfect for anyone looking to expand their home and add on multiple rooms. L-shaped conservatories range from £6900 to £19,000.

How much does a lean to wood conservatory cost?

The style conservatory you choose will affect the cost, as will the material it’s made from. A lean to uPVC conservatory will cost around £10,250, whereas the average cost for a lean to wood conservatory costs around £13,500.