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What is the chain of command starting from the president?

What is the chain of command starting from the president?

The order of succession specifies that the office passes to the vice president; if the vice presidency is simultaneously vacant, or if the vice president is also incapacitated, the powers and duties of the presidency pass to the speaker of the House of Representatives, president pro tempore of the Senate, and then …

What is the US chain of command?

Military Chain of Command

Number Position Rank
01 President of the United States President
02 Vice President of the United States Vice President
03 The Secretary of Defense Secretary
04 The Secretary of the Navy Secretary

Which chain of command gives the president and the secretary of defense authority and control of the armed forces?

The issue of executive authority was clearly resolved by the Goldwater-Nichols DOD Reorganization Act of 1986: “The Secretaries of the Military Departments shall assign all forces under their jurisdiction to unified and specified combatant commands to perform missions assigned to those commands…”; the chain of …

Is the president the highest-ranking military officer?

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) is the highest-ranking and most senior military officer in the United States Armed Forces and is the principal military advisor to the president, the National Security Council, the Homeland Security Council, and the secretary of defense.

Who is in the chain of command of the US military?

The Act states that the operational chain of command runs from the President to the Secretary of Defense to the Combatant Commanders. The Act permits the President to direct that communications pass through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the Secretary of Defense, and to the Combatant Commanders.

Is there a chain of command in the House?

What you’re asking about is not a “chain of command” it’s a line of succession. For example, the Speaker of the House is next in line after the Vice President, but the VP has no authority to give orders to the Speaker.

Who is the chief executive of the United States?

Chain of Command. The President of the United States is, according to the Constitution, the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces and Chief Executive of the Federal Government. The Secretary of Defense is the “Principal Assistant to the President in all matters relating to the Department of Defense”,…

Who is the commander in chief of the US Armed Forces?

United States Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief: President of the United States, Joe Bide Secretary of Defense: Lloyd Austin Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Mark A. Milley, USA Military budget: $718 billion (2018) Employees: 700,000 civilian 2.8 million military (2