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What is The Alchemist about sparknotes?

What is The Alchemist about sparknotes?

In the novel, even alchemy, the central symbol of the book, entails coaxing metal to achieve its own Personal Legend to turn into gold. As a result, the idea that all individuals should live in the singular pursuit of their individual dreams emerges as the primary theme of The Alchemist.

What is The Alchemist about short summary?

The Alchemist follows the journey of an Andalusian shepherd boy. Believing a recurring dream to be prophetic, he asks a Gypsy fortune-teller in the nearby town about its meaning. The woman interprets the dream as a prophecy, telling the boy that he will discover a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids.

What is the message of The Alchemist?

The constant theme in The Alchemist is to pursue your dreams by following what your heart desires. During the young boy’s journey, he learns to listen to the heart and to follow the language of omens. With each passing obstacle and hurdle that the young boy encounters, there is a lesson to learn.

What is the main problem in The Alchemist?

major conflict The major conflict of the book is Santiago’s personal tension between completing his Personal Legend to travel all the way to Egypt to find a treasure at the pyramids and settling along the way for the treasures he has already earned.

What was the plot of the book The Alchemist?

Plot Overview. A recurring dream troubles Santiago, a young and adventurous Andalusian shepherd. He has the dream every time he sleeps under a sycamore tree that grows out of the ruins of a church. During the dream, a child tells him to seek treasure at the foot of the Egyptian pyramids.

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What is the summary of the Alchemist by Coelho?

The Alchemist (Coelho) Summary. Buy Study Guide. The Alchemist tells the story of a young shepherd named Santiago who is able to find a treasure beyond his wildest dreams. Along the way, he learns to listen to his heart and, more importantly, realizes that his dreams, or his Personal Legend, are not just his but part of the Soul of the Universe.

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