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What is one fact about the continental crust?

What is one fact about the continental crust?

Continental crust, the outermost layer of Earth’s lithosphere that makes up the planet’s continents and continental shelves and is formed near subduction zones at plate boundaries between continental and oceanic tectonic plates. The continental crust forms nearly all of Earth’s land surface.

What are two facts about the earth’s crust?

The crust is the thinnest layer of the Earth. It has an average thickness of about 18 miles (30km) below land, and around 6 miles (10km) below the oceans. The crust is the layer that makes up the Earth’s surface and it lies on top of a harder layer, called the mantle.

How old is the Earth’s continental crust?

4.4 Billion Years Ago
Earth’s oldest known piece of continental crust dates to the era of the moon’s formation. Australia holds the oldest continental crust on Earth, researchers have confirmed, hills some 4.4 billion years old.

What is the continental crust mainly made out of?

The continental crust is made of granitic rocks, which have even more silicon and aluminum than the basaltic oceanic crust. They also have more oxygen thanks to the atmosphere. Granitic rocks are even less dense than basalt.

What are some fun facts about the oceanic crust?

Oceanic crust is primarily composed of mafic rocks, or sima which is named for its magnesium silicate mineral s. It is thinner than continental crust, and is about 7-10 kilometers thick, however it is more dense, having a mean density of about 3.3 g / cm 3 . Oceanic crust generally does not last longer than 200 million years.

What makes up the continental crust?

Continental Crust. The continental crust is that part of the crust that makes up the earth’s surface. In fact, about 40% of the surface of the earth is made up of this layer. The rocks in this layer are made up of light-colored granite rich in minerals and substances like aluminum, oxygen, and silicon.

What are 5 facts about the earths crust?

Facts about Earth’s Crust 5: the continental crust. The continental crust occupies than greater depth than the oceanic crust. It is also thicker. The crust temperature is improved at the deeper areas. It has the average temperature of 392 degrees F to 752 degrees F or 200 degrees C to 400 degrees C. Find facts about Divergent Boundaries here.