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What is MOS 09L?

What is MOS 09L?

Army Interpreters/Translators (MOS 09L) have an important function in the U.S. Military. The job will likely put you in combat situations where you may be dealing with foreign languages in the Middle East. You also may serve an important role in supporting government relations and tactical strategy.

How long is AIT for 09L?

six weeks
The 09L training path includes nine weeks of basic combat training (BCT), followed by six weeks of advanced individual training (AIT).

How much do military interpreters make?

An E-2 earned approximately $1,700, and an E-3 earned $1,787 to $2,015 per month. Qualified interpreter/translators can receive as much as $1,000 a month in additional pay for maintaining their language skills. You can also receive off-post housing and food allowances.

What Asvab score do you need to be a translator?

Army Line Scores:

09L Interpreter/translator ECLT:50
09S U.S. Army commissioned officer candidate GT:110
09W Warrant officer candidate GT:110
11B Infantryman CO:87

Is interpreter a translator?

Translators. An interpreter is a person specially trained to convert oral messages from one language to another. A translator is a person specially trained to convert written text from one language to another.

How much do CIA linguists make?

CIA Salary FAQs The average salary for a Linguist is $68,573 per year in United States, which is 44% lower than the average CIA salary of $124,221 per year for this job.

What is a Dlab score 666?

What does Dlab 666 mean? Google-fu indicates that’s exactly what it means: codes 666 and 999 are used to show the test was not taken. I remember from my research that the DLAB score scale doesn’t go nearly that high anyway.

How long is Army 11X training?

Individuals who enlist under the 11X Infantry option attend Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training), which combines Army Basic Training and Infantry AIT (Advanced Individual Training), all in one 14-week course.

What Mos is 92Y?

unit supply specialist
The unit supply specialist supervises or performs duties involving request, receipt, storage, issue, accountability and preservation of individual, organizational, installation and expendable supplies and equipment. For more information on MOS 92Y , see this Army website.

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