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What is included in BMW driver assistance plus package?

What is included in BMW driver assistance plus package?

Driving Assistance Plus includes all those features as well as lane centering and front cross-traffic alert, pushing it further along the continuum of automated driving into what is known as Level 2 automation.

What is driving Assistant Plus?

The Driving Assistance Plus Package offers maximum comfort and safety on the road to autonomous driving. To supplement the Driving Assistance Package you receive Active Stop-and-Go Assist, which takes the strain off you on motorways.

How does the BMW driver assistance system work?

Cameras detect the lane markings and consequently the driver assistance system orientates to the boundary lines of the individual lane. A glance beyond the borders of Europe demonstrates how much more advanced the technology already is today.

What does Hill Start Assist do on a BMW?

You roll back. Hill start assist – or simply start assist – should prevent exactly this. When the driver disengages the brake, the rear axle secures the vehicle for a short time. When starting the driver assistant releases this once more.

What are the benefits of the BMW congestion assistant?

In some countries, the BMW congestion assistant enables “Hands-Off” driving with steady speeds up to 60 km/h. Benefits: Lane guidance assistants can relieve the driver from steering, offer a feeling of safety and, above all, make long motorway journeys more comfortable. In what way does cruise control make driving easier?

How does Lane Change Assist work in BMW?

A further development is lane-change assist. This means you can change lanes automatically once you’ve set the indicator for a few seconds. In doing so, the system assesses whether there is another vehicle in the blind spot or dangerously close and only changes lane as long as the sensors do not detect a hazard.