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What is I Can Jump Puddles about?

What is I Can Jump Puddles about?

We follow the life of Alan Marshall who was struck down by Polio as a child and it shows how he overcame the crippling effects of the disease. Based upon his trilogy of autobiographical books “I can Jump Puddles”, “This is the Grass” and “In Mine Own Heart”. …

Where is I can jump puddles set?

Alan Marshall was born in Noorat in the Western District of Victoria, the setting for the fictitious town of Turalla in I Can Jump Puddles .

Who wrote I Can Jump Puddles?

Alan Marshall
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About the author Alan Marshall was born in Noorat, Victoria in 1902 and educated in Terang. He lived in Melbourne for some time, and then travelled extensively around Australia. He has recounted the story of his life and travels in a three-part autobiography.

When was I Can Jump Puddles written?

His best known book, I Can Jump Puddles (1955) is the first of a three-part autobiography. The other two volumes are This is the Grass (1962) and In Mine Own Heart (1963).

What is the story of I can Jump Puddles?

I Can Jump Puddles is Alan Marshall’s story of his childhood – a happy world in which, despite his crippling poliomyelitis, he plays, climbs, fights, swims, rides and laughs. His world was the Australian countryside early last century: rough-riders, bushmen, farmers and tellers of tall stories – a world held precious by the young Alan.

Where was Alan Marshall from I can Jump Puddles born?

Born in the country town of Turalla, Victoria in the early 1900s, Alan Marshall had not long started school when he contracted the crippling disease poliomyelitis. However the story of his childhood is not sad. Alan never saw himself as disabled and his indomitable character enabled him to overcome any obstacles.

Who are the providers of I can Jump Puddles?

I Can Jump Puddles is a leading provider of Support Coordination, Specialist Support Coordination, Behaviour Support, Therapeutic Support and Early Childhood Intervention services, across metropolitan Adelaide and regional SA.

Who are the actors in I can Jump Puddles?

Adapted for television by screenwriters Cliff Green and Roger Simpson, the series starred Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Adam Garnett, Tony Barry, Julie Hamilton, Ann Henderson, Lesley Baker, Olivia Brown, Debra Lawrance and Darren MacDonald.