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What is high elbow drill freestyle?

What is high elbow drill freestyle?

With this drill the swimmer flutter kicks with the head down and arms extended forward. The high elbow pull is initiated by pressing downward with one hand and forearm, the other held in front, while keeping both elbows near the surface. The hand always remains just inside the elbow, not outside.

What is high elbow swimming?

A high elbow means we keep a slimmer profile in the water, creating less resistance to swim against. Less drag = more speed. A high elbow starts the pull faster. When you pull with a high elbow you anchor yourself in the water sooner.

Why are high elbows important in swimming?

The high elbow catch is one of the most important movements a swimmer makes. A strong, high elbow catch sets the body up for an effective pulling motion. A better pull automatically carries the swimmer through the water further and faster. Pulling more water in each stroke all starts with a proper entry in the catch.

What are the best swimming drills for high elbow pull?

These are our favorite three drills that we like to use to teach this freestyle technique. All three drills are improved by wearing fins. Snorkels are optional on the first drill, but very helpful to almost essential for the second and third drills. 1. One Arm Swim. With one hand held at the side, swim freestyle with one arm only.

Is the high elbow pull a bad idea?

Often, we see swimmers attempt the high elbow pulling motion by initiating the pull with an out sweep of the hand. This is a bad idea, as this technique will reduce propulsion and increase frontal drag. With this drill the swimmer flutter kicks with the head down and arms extended forward.

What’s the best way to get a high elbow catch?

Head up freestyle (start with fins). This drill has a few benefits—it will force you to kick like a champ to give your head above water, and it will establish a high elbow catch otherwise you will you sink in the water.

What does it mean to have a high elbow?

A high elbow puts you in a position of power. Extend your arm straight out in front of you. Dip your elbow above and below the level of your hand—which position feels like you can develop more torque? When you have a high elbow you have a strong anchor in the water to pull yourself through it. A high elbow limits drag.