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What is ECR plasma?

What is ECR plasma?

Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) is an advanced excitation method used in plasma engineering. The microwave frequency and electron cyclotron frequency subsequently resonate, energising free electrons within the gas and causing partial ionisation which results in a glow discharge.

What is ECR ion source?

Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) ion sources produce low-energy, highly charged ions. A new 14.5 GHz ECR-based low-energy ion accelerator facility has been developed. The ion source involves a plasma chamber (‘supernanogan’) surrounded by permanent magnets that provide a suitable magnetic field.

What is the use of electron cyclotron?

Electron cyclotron waves heat the electrons, which in turn transfer energy to the ions by collisions. The method may be used for both global and localized heating and has been applied to control sawteeth and disruptions.

What is electron resonance frequency?

Electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) is a phenomenon observed in plasma physics, condensed matter physics, and accelerator physics. It happens when the frequency of incident radiation coincides with the natural frequency of rotation of electrons in magnetic fields.

Where does the plasma in ECR come from?

Plasma is generated in the chamber of the ECR plasma source and extracted toward a substrate efficiently by a divergent magnetic field.

How is the electron cyclotron resonance used in ECR?

ECR ion sources. The ECR ion source makes use of the electron cyclotron resonance to ionize a plasma. Microwaves are injected into a volume at the frequency corresponding to the electron cyclotron resonance, defined by the magnetic field applied to a region inside the volume. The volume contains a low pressure gas.

Which is the best ion source for ECR?

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What makes ECR plasma so special for coating optical thin films?

Go deeper into understanding the components of an ECR plasma sputter coating tool. How does sputter work in general and what does make ECR plasma so special for coating optical thin films? ECR plasma sputtering is often used to coat optical and other insulating films.