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What is Dominical Costa Rica known for?

What is Dominical Costa Rica known for?

Dominical is a beach-front town in Bahía Ballena District, of the Osa canton in the province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica, approximately 45 km south of Quepos. It is well known for large, year-round waves and is popular among surfers in Costa Rica.

Is Dominical Costa Rica worth visiting?

With a stunning setting and miles of beaches backed by rainforest-covered mountains, Dominical and the coastline south of it are well worth a visit. They boast spectacular views, remote jungle waterfalls, and everything from abundant budget lodgings to luxurious rainforest villas.

Is Dominical Costa Rica safe?

It Has A Sleepy Beach-Town Vibe Situated on the lush Costa Ballena, Dominical is where the rainforest meets the sea: a one-road funky and fabulous town that’s walkable, safe, and stunning.

How big is Dominical Costa Rica?

4 km
Dominical is a strip of beach that stretches over 4 km, with several area hotels and restaurants. Bring some binoculars while you’re waiting for the swells to arrive and take in some of the hundreds of bird species that you can see in the lush forest greenery and palm trees that encroach upon the beach.

What kind of beach is Playa Dominical Costa Rica?

Playa Dominical is adored for the stellar waves that break offshore, not the beach itself, which is a long, partly rough, partly smooth, brown-sand beach that’s often covered with rocks and debris. Playa Dominical receives a steady number of visitors, mainly because it’s the principal beach that fronts the town of Dominical.

What to see and do in Dominical Costa Rica?

There are two main roads in Dominical, the one through town and one running parallel to the beach. You can find restaurants, souvenir stores, hostels, small cabinas and bars. See what Dominical looks like in our driving video below!

Which is the best beach in Costa Rica?

Dominical Beach. Playa Dominical is known for consistent waves, great for experienced surfers. It’s a long beach stretching 4 km (2.5 miles) with dark rocky sand, a rocky shore and deep blue water. Though it isn’t exactly the “prettiest” beach in Costa Rica, sunsets here are spectacular.

How is the town of dominical, dominical like?

Dominical is a tiny town with unpaved roads and a lack of a commercial feeling – there aren’t any big chain resorts or hotels. You will see many tourists, backpackers and surfers walking or riding their bikes around. There are two main roads in Dominical, the one through town and one running parallel to the beach.