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What is demurrage charges at port?

What is demurrage charges at port?

What is Demurrage? Demurrage is what you pay for use of a container within a port or terminal beyond an allotted free time, which averages 4-5 days. Demurrage is charged per day per TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit, which is the capacity of a 20-foot container). The fee increases in intervals of a few days.

How do I pay demurrage at Long Beach container Terminal?

  1. Payment of demurrage must be made through the eModal website, www.eModal.com.
  2. Amounts due are accessible through the eModal website, www.eModal.com ,or the LBCT website, www.lbct.com.
  3. Demurrage must be paid prior to release of the container.

What is a port tariff?

A port tariff is the reward payable to the port authority for the rendering of a service. It may be a ‘turn out’ of a container, or the discharge of cargo from a vessel to the quayside. Such situations affect the trade volume passing through a port and its associated demand.

How much is container demurrage?

The cost of demurrage charges vary depending on carriers, terminals, and contractual agreements. However, they tend to be anywhere between $75 to $300 per container/ per day. After several days, the charges can grow to more significant amounts.

How is demurrage calculated at the port of Long Beach?

Demurrage – The charge, calculated in accordance with the Port of Long Beach Tariff and/or individual line’s tariff, assessed against cargo/container which remains on the terminal premises after the expiration of free time.

What is port of Los Angeles tariff No.4?

Port of Los Angeles Tariff No. 4 describes the rates, charges, rules and regulations of the Port of Los Angeles. Included is information about pilotage, dockage, wharfage, passengers, free time, wharf demurrage, wharf storage, space assignments, cranes and other operational rules and regulations.

When does export demurrage begin on a vessel?

Export demurrage is invoiced to the appropriate line upon vessel departure per the POLB Tariff. Free time on Import cargo/containers shall commence for each container at 3:00 a.m. after that container is discharged from the vessel excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays.

What is the budget for the port of Long Beach?

The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners on Monday approved a $622.4 million budget for the Port, more than half of which is dedicated to capital improvement projects. City and Port officials opened and dedicated the newest addition to the growing Long Beach bicycle network – the South Waterfront-Pier J Bike and Pedestrian Path.