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What is Caterham famous for?

What is Caterham famous for?

Caterham has an interesting history and was home for a long time to the famous Caterham Cars. The Jeweller, Charles Asprey, was a leading local figure and donated the Asprey Fountain to the town in 1890. The actor Bill Nighy was born in Caterham and Angus Deayton captained the famous Caterham School’s U16 rugby team.

Is Caterham Surrey or London?

Caterham (/ˈkeɪtərəm/) is a town in the Tandridge District of Surrey, England. The town is administratively divided into two: Caterham on the Hill, and Caterham Valley, which includes the main town centre in the middle of a dry valley but rises to equal heights to the south.

Who founded Caterham Cars?

Graham Nearn
Caterham Cars/Founders

Lotus origins Caterham Cars had been a major Lotus 7 dealer during the 1960s, and its founder, Graham Nearn, purchased the rights to continue manufacture of the Seven design from Chapman in 1973, after Lotus announced its intention to discontinue the model.

Is Caterham a nice place to live?

Caterham. Caterham is also one of the only towns in East Surrey that’s in London’s Zone 6, so it’s got the best of both worlds in terms of its rural appeal and connections to the capital.

Where to find the history of Caterham on the hill?

The Caterham and District Local History Centre, the Bourne Society and the East Surrey Museum are good places to get further information on the history of Caterham on the Hill. Queen’s Park Playground was opened in 1988 thanks to a group called Play Safely. Click here for their history from 1983 to 1993.

When did Caterham become part of the parish of Croydon?

By Order in Council dated November 1910 the detached portion of Tandridge parish, otherwise known as Tillingdon, which joins Caterham on the east, was added to this parish. The village is 7 miles south of Croydon.

Which is the larger parish Caterham or Caterham Valley?

Caterham Valley or Lower Caterham is, as the name implies, that part of the parish which lies in and on either side of the valley, for the most part north-east of the old village. It is divided into two ecclesiastical districts, which together have a larger population than the rest of the old parish.

Are there old black and white photos of Caterham?

Browse our selection of old black and white photographs of Caterham, along with a selection of historic maps, local history books, and fascinating memories that our visitors have contributed.