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What is an affiliation agreement?

What is an affiliation agreement?

What is an affiliation agreement? • A legal contract that defines the roles and responsibilities of a health authority. and education institution in providing practice education* • Addresses the risks in the relationship for both organizations and their.

What is an education affiliation agreement?

Affiliation agreements are contracts between a healthcare organization and an educational institution for the purpose of providing instruction in the healthcare organization to healthcare students (or learners).

What are elements of the clinical affiliation agreement?

Most agreements contain provisions that apply particularly to training health care students, including: • Liability insurance; • Indemnification; • Student background and criminal records checks; • Student drug screening; • Student immunization requirements; • Responsibility for ensuring student compliance with …

What is a master affiliation agreement?

According to the ACGME, master affiliation agreements are agreements between a sponsoring institution and all major participating sites involved in residency education. The ACGME defines what constitutes a major site as sites to which all residents in at least one program rotate for a required educational experience.

Can a PDF be used as an affiliate agreement?

Your document is ready! You will receive it in Word and PDF formats. You will be able to modify it. An Affiliate Agreement is a document through which two parties, the company and the affiliate, form a relationship whereby the affiliate receives funds for certain qualified actions.

How does an affiliate sign up for a program?

The affiliate simply signs up for the program that the company is offering and there is no bargaining over the agreement. These agreements are not signed, they are simply posted up on the company’s website for the affiliate to read and agree to prior to signing up for the affiliate program.

What to look for in an affiliate agreement?

If you are reviewing an affiliate agreement, you will see some other standard contract terminology. Three standard clauses you may see are: A confidentiality/non-disclosure clause that keeps the affiliate from sharing proprietary business details with others.

How to sign an affiliation agreement in VA?

For assistance with affiliation agreements, please contact Yolanda Seward by phone at (804) 381-8374 or by email at [email protected] Between the V.A. and a School of Dentistry as the Sponsoring Institution. For programs accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation ( CDA ) and the accreditation is in the name of the dental school.