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What is actian Matrix?

What is actian Matrix?

Actian Matrix™ (formerly PADB) designed to handle the broadest spectrum of analytic workloads. Its massively parallel, columnar, compressed, compiled approach delivers breathtaking performance.

What is actian used for?

DataFlow. Actian DataFlow provides a parallel execution platform for real-time processing of data-in-motion. DataFlow accelerates the analysis, extraction, transformation and loading of data across a business.

What is actian DataConnect?

Actian DataConnect is a versatile hybrid integration solution that empowers anyone to integrate anything, anywhere, anytime. DataConnect enables quick and easy design, deployment, and management across on-premise, cloud, and/or hybrid environments.

What is actian software?

Actian is a computer software company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, US, with primary focus on hybrid data management, integration, and analytics. Actian has an installed base of over 5,000 active customers including large global enterprises, public sector, and small to medium enterprise.

Why do we need workarounds for Actian matrix?

These workarounds are customarily used to improve the analytic performance of DBMS products that were designed for operational processing (e.g., with row-oriented, shared-memory architectures like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, et al), but they may be found in use with “purpose built” analytic products as well (e.g., Teradata, IBM Netezza).

What kind of database is Actian matrixtm analytics?

The Actian MatrixTM Analytics Database™ is a next generation high performance relational data- base management system (DBMS) that combines leading-edge innovations with best practices to deliver the fastest, simplest, most cost-effective solution for analytic processing.

What kind of fabric is the Actian matrix?

The Actian Matrix Communication Fabric is a low cost, high performance fabric based on stand- ard, ubiquitous, Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and standard multi-port switches that have full crossbar support.

What is the product support lifecycle policy for Actian?

This policy explains Actian Corporation’s product support lifecycle policy. Whether purchased directly from Actian, or from Actian partners or resellers, these policies are designed to standardize product lifecycle expectancies and assist you in developing your internal release implementation and migration plans.