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What is a Smothering Smokebreath?

What is a Smothering Smokebreath?

The Smothering Smokebreath is a small mystery class dragon from Dragons: Riders of Berk. “Smothering Smokebreaths are elusive creatures that prefer to stay hidden. While not inherently aggressive, Smokebreaths will attack Vikings that intrude on their territory.

How big is a Smothering Smokebreath?

Based on the Model Sheet for the Smothering Smokebreath along side other known dragons in the series such as Toothless, this dragon should be 10 feet (3.05 meters) long, 1 feet 7 inches (0.5 meters) tall, and have a Wingspan of 9 feet 3 inches (2.82 meters).

What class is the Smothering Smokebreath in?

Mystery Class dragon
It is classified as a Mystery Class dragon. Although they usually breathe smoke, they can breathe a very hot fire, since it is capable of melting metal in a matter of moments.

Is Hookfang a boy or a girl?

Girl Hookfang is a female Monstrous Nightmare who first appeared in “Total Nightmare”.

What is a Foreverwing?

The Foreverwing is the first gigantic dragon that was created for Rise of Berk. Unlocking this dragon unlocks a new logging spot, boosts logging speed and unlock a series of new dragons called ‘Seedlings’, as well as the achievement ‘Wake Up Call’.

What is a Titan Wing?

A Titan Wing is a higher state of a dragon when they reaches a certain level of strength which usually would make them bigger, grow extra horns and sometimes change colors. Most of the time this state is achived by challenging an alpha species or the Alpha.

Why was Toothless glowing blue?

The torch has passages that allow the oxygen and acetylene to mix, react with one another, and produce the flame (acetylene and oxygen mixed in the right amounts will explode like those plasma blasts we see Toothless do). So Toothless glowing blue means that he’s uber charged with firepower.