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What is a pool Dectron?

What is a pool Dectron?

Dectron Pool Dehumidification Systems are designed to be a complete solution to pool humidity problems. They heat the pool water with recycled energy, are available in a huge range of sizes and can be configured either horizontally or vertically to accommodate the space you need them to service.

Who owns Seresco?

Specified Air Solutions (SAS) recently announced the formation of two new divisions, Dehumidified Air Solutions (DAS) and Dehumidified Air Services (DASV). SAS acquired the three indoor pool mechanical dehumidification brands of Dectron®, PoolPak®, and Seresco® in the last 18 months and now operates them under DAS.

What is a Dectron unit?

Description. Dectron’s DRY-O-TRON® is the industry’s original energy recycling dehumidifier. Dectron pioneered the indoor pool dehumidification market by trying to resolve a problem found in all buildings with Indoor Pools: “Structural Damage due to Humidity”.

Who owns dehumidified air?

Madison Industries
Dehumidified Air Solutions is North America’s largest, most respected manufacturer of dehumidification equipment for indoor pools and part of the IAQ division of Madison Industries, one of the fastest growing and largest privately held companies in the world.

What does dectron DRY o Tron system do?

In this pursuit, the Engineers at Dectron designed and manufactured the very first DRY-O-TRON®, a mechanical dehumidification system to control humidity, and at the same time, use the same energy by-products to increase comfort by controlling both pool and air temperature within the enclosure.

Where can I find a dectron sales representative?

Dectron sells its products through a North American network of authorized sales representatives. To find your local sales representative please input the zip code or postal code of your location Enter a city or ZIP/Postal code to find your sales representative. You can narrow the city by selecting a state/province before entering the city.

What are the benefits of a dectron replacement?

Dectron replacement leads to improved efficiency, lower operating costs for luxury apartment community. Designers at the Kappen Aquatic Center in Philadelphia didn’t intend to become the first LEED® Platinum natatorium in the United States. But that’s exactly what happened – and Dectron played a role in this special achievement!

What kind of energy savings does dectron dehumidifier produce?

The LEED® Gold design will generate significant energy savings throughout the life of the facility. Contributing some of these savings is the Dectron® LEEDeR® LD-562 dehumidifier.