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What is a hen house slang?

What is a hen house slang?

Someone with bad intentions. (A fox would prey upon hens in a henhouse.) I’d watch out for him if I were you—he walks around here like a fox in the henhouse.

What is a synonym for hen?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for hen, like: female chicken, chicken, bird, fowl, brooder, stag-party, stag, setting hen, Fetsch, Gapel and biddy.

What is the English name of hen house?

@Chicken coop A chicken coop (or hen house) is a building where female chickens are kept. Inside hen houses are often nest boxes for egg-laying and perches on which the birds can sleep, although coops for meat birds seldom have either of these features.

What is the hen house in GTA 5?

The Hen House is a small, cheap club with no accessible interior. It is available for purchase by Michael, Franklin or Trevor for $80,000 after the mission Nervous Ron, and generates a weekly income of $920.

Which is the best synonym for the word hen?

THE NURSERY, JULY 1873, VOL. XIV. NO. 1 VARIOUS “Well, Hen knows how to kill snakes, but maybe she is a poor judge of character,” laughed Amy. THE CAMPFIRE GIRLS OF ROSELAWN MARGARET PENROSE The storm hath passed;I hear the birds rejoice; the hen,Returned into the road again,Her cheerful notes repeats. THE POEMS OF GIACOMO LEOPARDI GIACOMO LEOPARDI

What is the meaning of Farmer Green’s henhouse?

Sam’l leant against the henhouse as if all his desire to depart had gone. They were china eggs which I found in Farmer Green’s henhouse. Among these was a foolish, fat hen who lived in Farmer Green’s henhouse. He believed that the fox had only happened to enter his henhouse by accident. It was coming towards him from the other end of the henhouse.

Where can I buy a home hen house?

Please visit the locations link below to choose your store. What’s For Dinner? Please visit the locations link below to choose your store.

Is there such thing as the Fox watching the henhouse?

“What we have here is sort of the fox watching the henhouse,” said Jenny Vollen-Katz, executive director of the John Howard Association, an independent citizen group that has monitored Illinois prisons for more than a century. I don’t like having to go inside that henhouse, even though it is barely inside the door.