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What is a good name for a young grandma?

What is a good name for a young grandma?

Modern or Cool Nicknames for Grandma

Abba Amma Birdie
Bunny Gigi Gogo
Kitty MayMay Mimi
Yaya Mom Mom Nonnie
Nonna Nene Gaga

What is grandmother’s grandmother called?

Numerous other variants exist, such as Gramp, Gramps, Grampa, Grandpap, Granda, Grampy, Granddad, Granddaddy, Grandpappy, Pop(s), Pap, Papa, Pappy, and Pawpaw for grandfather; Grandmom, Grandmama, Grama, Granny, Gran, Nanny, Nan(a), Mammaw, Meemaw and Grammy for grandmother.

What cultures call their grandma Nana?

“In our Indian culture, ‘nani’ is maternal grandmother, and ‘dadi’ is paternal. ‘Nana’ is maternal grandfather, and ‘dada’ is paternal,” shares Lisa Batra is a first-generation Indian, with immigrant parents, and two kids of her own.

What Grandma name goes with Papa?

In honor of Grandparents Day on September 11, check out these fun, adorable, and interesting alternatives to “grandma” and “grandpa.”…

  • Baba & Gigi.
  • Yaya & Pappoús.
  • Nana & Papa.
  • Mawmaw & Pawpaw.
  • Savta & Saba.
  • Geema & Geepa.
  • Bomma & Bonpa.
  • Nonna & Nonno.

What is a German grandma called?

German: Oma is one of the most popular ethnic names for grandmother and is often used by grandmothers with no German heritage.

Why is Gigi grandma?

Another popular subset of unique names are those that are derived from the (most often) grandmother’s first name. So Gabby McCree is Gigi. “It’s an abbreviation for ‘Grandma Gabby’ and also my initials growing up,” she says. “It’s more fun than Grandma,” she says.

Is Gigi a good Grandma name?

Grammy and Grampy: A casual version of “Grandma” and “Grandpa” that makes it easier for kids to say. Gigi and Pops: Pronounced “gee-gee,” the two are another fun and easy peasy way to address the grandparents.

What are some cute/good names for young Grandma’s?

Like the fairy in Peter Pan, Tinks or Tinkerbell is the perfect cutesy nickname for a grandma who is small and cute. Other cute nicknames for grandma include: Abbie or Abba. Bambi. Ba-nana. Boomie. Bubbles – for a grandma with a bubbly personality! Bunny.

What are the best grandmother names?

The top ten grandmother names according to the babycenter survey in order of popularity are: Grandma. Nana. Grammy. Granny. Mimi.

What are some cool Grandpa names?

Old fashioned boys’ and girls’ names from Grandma and Grandpa that are cool once again—Ada, Beatrice, Henry, Mabel and more.

What are some old grandma names?


  • Esther
  • Lottie
  • I was surprised this was actually one of the most popular given first names at the turn of the century) More from
  • Beulah
  • Flossie
  • Gladys
  • Mildred
  • Mamie
  • Myrtle