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What happened to V2 cigs?

What happened to V2 cigs?

In November 2018, V2 Cigs closed its doors in the United States, and stopped filling orders for its many customers. Juul Labs had bought V2’s parent company VMR Products in October, and shut down sales of V2 Cigs products in the U.S. soon after. The British V2 outlet remains open, and sells many of the same products.

Why did V2 cigs go out of business?

V2 E-Cigs is gone and out of business. Why? Their statement refers to the new tariffs, and to the fact that they were losing a tremendous amount of money each year, but disclosures by a Publicly Traded company proves otherwise.

How long do V2 cartridges last?

The V2 Standard Automatic battery is designed to last at least 250 deep puffs. The extra-long battery can last up to 450 puffs. We also recommend that you look at the Ex Series Battery which has some really great features for the modern vaper.

What e cigs have a 510 thread?

510 Threading: Compatible Cartridges for Blu Cigs Premium 100, Volcano Magma

  • Blu Cigs Premium 100 ($13.80 per five-pack)
  • NuvoCig ($19.99 per five-pack)
  • Volcano Magma ($9.99 per five-pack)

Is there a v2 compatible e cig cartridge?

V2 Compatible E-Cig cartridges. In addition to the V2 compatible cartridges listed above, Apollo blank cartridges will work on V2 Cigs. These cartridges are easy to fill with your choice of e-liquid. All you have to do is pull out the cap on the top of the cartridge. Then, slowly put about 20 drops of e-liquid into the cartridge.

Is the Vertigo line compatible with V2 CIGS?

Our Vertigo line is compatible with V2 Cigs. We researched customer reviews and worked with our supplier to improve the quality of the refill cartridges. As a result, our cartridges have more fluid to last longer and yield a thicker vapor. Additionally, Vertigo-V2 Cigs cartridges have an enhanced flavor over other cartridges in the marketplace.

Are there any Apollo cigalikes compatible with V2 cartridges?

That means V2 customers will no longer be able to buy any V2 products. But don’t throw away your V2 Cigs just yet! Any customers looking for refill cartridges and batteries compatible with V2 cigs can use Apollo cigalike kits, batteries, and cartomizers, which are identical to V2. So there is a silver lining. But many want to know what happened.

What do you need to know about V2 CIGS?

The first step is to open the box. Although V2 Starter Kits differ in size and contents, all V2 Cigs e-cigarette kits include: We recommend that you thoroughly read your User’s Manual before using your V2. Before using your V2 electronic cigarette for the first time, we recommend fully charging the battery.