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What happened to Susanna Dickinson and her child?

What happened to Susanna Dickinson and her child?

She voluntarily left. Susanna never had another child, and Angelina died first, at age 35 in a cholera epidemic. She was buried in Galveston; her grave site was lost in the Great Storm of 1900. In 1857 Susanna was happily married at last, to Joseph Hannig, a German immigrant twenty years her junior.

Who was Susanna of the Alamo?

The woman, Susanna Dickinson, was the wife of Alamo defender Almaron Dickinson. She and her baby were hiding in the Alamo’s chapel when Mexican troops bayoneted her husband and took the mission. Dickinson had come to Texas with her husband from Tennessee in 1831, when she was seventeen.

Who was Enrique Esparza?

Enrique Esparza, witness of the battle of the Alamo, son of Gregorio Esparza and Ana Salazar, was probably born in September 1828, although he claimed to have been born in 1824. His father was killed in the defense of the Alamo.

Why is Susanna Dickinson famous?

Susanna passed away on October 7, 1883 after being ill for several months. Susanna is best remembered for her role as messenger following the Battle of the Alamo and the eyewitness accounts of the battle that she provided over the years.

What was the name of Susanna Dickinson’s child?

Susanna’s only child, Angelina Elizabeth Dickinson, was born on December 14, 1834. Susanna and her daughter may have joined other families hiding in the timber along the Guadalupe River in early October 1835, when Mexican troops from San Antonio demanded the return of an old cannon lent to Gonzales four years earlier.

Where did Susanna Dickinson live during the Texas Revolution?

Dickinson had come to Texas with her husband from Tennessee in 1831, when she was 17. They settled in Gonzales, where their daughter Angelina was born. In 1835, Mexican and Texian troops clashed near Gonzales, and the Texas Revolution began. Almaron volunteered with the Texians, and his small family soon joined him at the Alamo.

How old was Susannah Dickinson when she married Almaron?

Santa Anna spared only a small number of the fort’s inhabitants from death; these included Susannah and her infant daughter, Angelina. Susannah (or Susanna) Wilkerson was born in Tennessee around 1814; she married Almaron Dickinson at the age of 15 and the young couple soon settled in the DeWitt colony in Texas, then under Mexican control.

Who was Susanna Dickinson’s husband in the Alamo?

Painting of Susanna Dickinson leaving the Alamo by Harry Anthony De Young, 1941. Susanna married several more times over the years. Her second husband was John Williams, whom she married on November 27, 1837.