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What happened to Maddy in season 3 of Wolfblood?

What happened to Maddy in season 3 of Wolfblood?

In Series 3 it was assumed Maddy, Emma Smith and Daniel Smith joined Jana’s pack in the wild. However it is revealed that they were relocated to Canada by Segolia where they were been given new identities.

Is Rhydian in season 3 of Wolfblood?

Series 3. In the third series, Rhydian faces new challenges and struggles with coping with the fact that Maddy can no longer return. Many new challenges put him to the limit. With the return of Jana from the wild, this provides him new Wolfblood allies that help him with his heartbreak of Maddy leaving for the wild.

Did Maddy leave Wolfblood?

As you will have noticed, Aimee Kelly, who plays Maddy, decided to leave the show at the end of season two to return to college. All of our favourite moments in TV series, if we really think about them, are driven by change.

Who does Rhydian end up with?

The series ends with Rhydian reuniting with Maddy (both in wolf form) in the snow in Canada. Set between series 3 and 4 is an animated motion comic on the CBBC website known as New Moon Rising.

Will there be Season 3 of Wolfblood?


Series Episodes Originally aired
First aired
2 13 9 September 2013
3 13 15 September 2014
4 12 8 March 2016

Are Aimee Kelly and Bobby Lockwood still friends?

Aimee Kelly has a boyfriend and Bobby has a girlfriend. They were only dating in the show as their characters (Maddy & Rhydian). In real life, they’re just friends.

Does Rhydian leave Wolfblood?

The big news is: after three wonderful seasons, Bobby Lockwood (Rhydian), Kedar Williams-Sterling (Tom) and Louisa Connelly-Burnham (Shannon), have all decided to leave the show.

How old is Aimee Kelly?

28 years (July 8, 1993)
Aimée Kelly/Age

Is there going to be a season 3 of Wolfblood?

However the cast, crew and Aimee have not confirmed or denied anything.But Aimee Kelly did in fact fail to return during Series 3 as she does not appear in the main cast role or even a cameo. Wolfblood Season 3 Official Trailer on CBBC. Series 3 is set a couple of weeks after Maddy and her family left Stoneybridge.

What happens at the end of Wolfblood series 2?

In the episode The Discovery, Maddy shares a kiss with Rhydian after admitting to him that she has fallen in love with him, which he admits his after. At the end of series two, Maddy has to leave to join Jana’s pack with her mum ( Emma Smith) and her dad ( Daniel Smith) as Dr. Rebecca Whitewood finds out that they’re wolfbloods.

When did Tom and Shannon find out they were Wolfbloods?

Tom and Shannon eventually find out (although this was not through Maddy revealing it purposefully) that Maddy and Rhydian are Wolfbloods in the Series 1 finale Irresistible, and have kept the secret throughout Series 2 and 3.

Who are the main characters in Wolfblood series 3?

Dr Whitewood reappears, still desperate to find evidence of werewolves. Jana returns from the wild pack in dire need of help, bringing with her Meinir, Aran and Rhydian’s mother, Ceri. Rhydian’s estranged father also resurfaces bringing with him dangerous new foes.